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Donoussa a hiden gem in Cyclades <3

This summer, we had the chance to visit the island of Donoussa, in the eastern part of the small Cyclades in the Aegean sea.

Based in Paros for the longest part of our vacation, we took the ferry from Parikia to arrive at the tiny port of Agios Stavros in Donoussa. On an island with less than 14 square kilometres in total, we were excited that we would be able to run or hike during the evening hours.

Surprisingly enough, we discovered that the island is very organised and respectful to the hikers and visitors of the island. Placing all the vital signs across the island provides clear directions toward all the peaks.

We love chatting with the locals, learning details about the island and getting insights about daily life during the summertime and all year. Donoussa has around 180 permanent habitats and a school with less than ten students. Additionally, the island will have a football and basketball court. I can only imagine the tranquillity and serenity of the way of living during the winter.


Hiking sign in Donoussa

Kedros beach

Kalotaritissa beach
Kalotaritissa beach

Kalotaritissa beach

During our visit to Kalotaritissa beach, just 20 minutes from Donousa port, where you can reach it with the minibus of the island, we had our best swim day. The part in front of the taverna ''Mitsos'' is ideal during windy days. We swam in the refreshing and transparent light blue and cold water. The scenery was so calm, listening only to the sound of the smooth waves and the pages of your book turning. The atmosphere itself was travelling you back in time when the Greek beaches and Greek islands didn't have so many visitors.

Lunch or early dinner at the cutest, decorated with Mediterranean flowers, taverna called ''Mitsos' will reward you as us. The simplicity and authenticity of the food offered will surprise you in a way that you will have to plan your second visit.

From and Konstantinos until the next time...


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