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2021 Thank you!

I am grateful for this year and wanted to thank all those who are with me on this beautiful journey. I believe the best is yet to come together.

In this blog, I am sharing a few of my top highlights this year.

Oberstdorf 2021, FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2021.

It was my 7th participation at a World Championships. In Oberstdorf, I competed in the disciplines of a sprint, skiathlon (7,5km skating - 7,5km classic in the same race), team sprint the 10km skating. In the last discipline, I succeeded in opening a second quota for a greek female athlete for the Winter Olympics in Beijing 2022 as the World Championships in Oberstdorf WCHs were criteria for all the countries to qualify and ensure their positions at the Olympics. In Beijing 2022, it will be the first time that team Hellas will be represented by two female cross-country skiers :)

finish line from the 10km race in Oberstdorf 2021

My dual career responsibilities

As you may know, I am following a dual career, and until this month, I was working 100% as a Communication Manager at the International Fencing Federation based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Therefore, during the year (another covid_19 year), I travelled for two weeks in Cairo, Egypt for the fencing Junior WCHs. In addition, we had all the preparation for the summer Olympics and, of course, our trip and Games-time management in Tokyo 2020. I am thankful that I was part of such a great team!!!

souvenir from Tokyo 2020 fencing venue, image by Augusto Bizzi

Roller skis races.

Earlier this year, at the beginning of Autumn, I participated in a series of roller ski events around the Balkan countries in 18 races. I was happy with the result, and I consider it a successful attempt of FIS points collection despite the injury in my low back during the last races. More information about our roller ski races can be found here.

Images below feature my father and my Greek coach Nikos.

Candidate for the IOC Athletes' Commission Beijing 2022.

In October, IOC approved my candidature for the Athletes' Commission election that will take place during the winter Olympics in Beijing. Big thank you to the Hellenic Olympic Committee for the nomination and the trust in my profile.

Last training camp of the year.

It was in Livigno, our last training camp of 2021. Together with team Thailand, we had a fantastic time along the year with lots of hard training, laughs and new adventures. There are no words to express my gratitude to this team!

Images below feature me, Karen, Eliza, Erik (our coach), Mark and my partner Konstantinos.

See you in 2022!


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