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Tour de Roller-Ski :)

Hello from Lausanne, Switzerland. Last week, came back from an intensive month of roller skiing competitions around the Balkan countries. It has been a fantastic journey, uniting with my greek teammates exploring new places and meeting lovely people who love and support our sport.

In total, I competed in 15 races within six weeks!

Sjenica SRB, sprint race - photo by Jerome Coss

Starting from our first roller ski competition in Sjenica SRB in August, I can say that my season's debut was not as expected. I was feeling tired and weak to sustain the tension of the race. After medical exams, I found out that I had slight anaemia when we went back home. It happened at the beginning of the season, and I had time to recover and work for the upcoming races. :) In the end, adversity can make us only stronger.

Beginning of September, we moved to the Greek city of Florina for the FIS roller ski events, 5km uphill classic and skating, where I finished both days in the 4th position. Already, my shape was much better from the last competition. My friends Karen and Mark also came from Italy to train in my home town, Naousa-Imathia, and later participate in the races. It was my pleasure to show them around my region and all the places where I grew up and developed as a cross-country skier.

On September 17th, we travelled to Zlatibor, SRB, to compete in four 5km classic technique races each time (women's category). It was a unique and challenging experience racing every day under the rain. My best result happened the last day, where I earned 73 FIS points, which helped me significantly reduce my average. In xc-skiing, the lest points you have, the better.

We had one day to drive back to Greece for our next racing weekend in Veroia, Imathia, Geographical department of Central Macedonia. Apart from an International race, that competition was also a National Cup organised by the Hellenic Ski Federation and the Local team of the region. It was fascinating to see all the young skiers following the race of the senior categories, cheering with excitement - anticipation and later on participating with a smile on their faces. I was so happy to meet parents and people who play a crucial role as an entourage of our sport in our country. The number of young participants shows the development and growth of cross-country skiing in Greece.

Few highlights from our events are on the images below.

Now that the roller races have ended, the program for the upcoming weeks focuses on training on snow, mainly on a glacier or on xc-ski tracks with artificial snow in Central Europe. Outside of competition, I am back at my work in Lausanne as Communication Manager at the FIE.

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