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A hidden cross-country skiing destination!

Located in the Zlatibor District of southwestern Serbia, Sjenica can be a worth-visiting destination for cross country skiing.

After Zlatibor, we moved to Sjenica for our next FIS races on the 27th and 28th, January 2021. Arriving there on Sunday afternoon, we had the time to go skiing and see the track. Their ski center is called Zari. By that time, there was not enough snow and the proper conditions. However, the next three days, it was snowing non-stop.

On Monday afternoon, four more fellow athletes from Greece joined us together, with my ski club coach Nikos.

We managed to prepare ourselves well for the competition, in ideal skiing conditions.

5km skating

Finally, I can sum up that my shape is getting there, although I need improvement on my technique.

Watch the behind scenes and few highlights of our race below:


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