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Racing weekend in Zlatibor n. 2!

Sometimes things don't go as we expect. The weather is an unpredictable factor in life that we cannot control. One more reason why we should care more for our environment!

Departing from Sjenica, we went back to Zlatibor for our first Balkan cup competition of the year. After two heavy rainy days, the snow had almost disappeared but with the determination and hard work of the organizers we managed to race the 5km classic. The sprint competition scheduled for the 2nd day had to be canceled again.

I can only say and remember that it was a hard race with all my fellow xc skiers giving their best on the track. I finished in the 5th position with 135 FIS points.

The next stop will be in Mavrovo, Skopje...

Oups...It was another racing experience!


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