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Let the new training season kick off.

After one month of resting mind and body from cross-country skiing, I am ready to kick off my training season for Beijing 2022.

In the past month, I travelled to Cairo, Egypt, as part of my work as Digital Communication Manager at the FIE International Fencing Federation. We ran the Junior and Cadet Fencing World Championships with a unique local organising committee doing everything to organise this big event under the new health protocol measures. It was a new life experience for me in Covid_19 times, and luckily everything went well thanks to people, and their efforts worked directly and indirectly for these championships.

Hiking the Gastlosen Tour with Nikki, Sandra and Konstantinos

One week with smooth and introductory training has passed. I feel well and excited for the next weeks and months to come.

Already a year of covid_19 around the world, I feel the most important is being healthy and staying strong for ourselves and our entourage.




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